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Love and Pride is the first premium designer jewelry e-commerce destination for persons who believe in tolerance, equality and diversity. Their spectacular jewelry collections include wedding and anniversary rings, commitment rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, watches and other high fashion accessories for men and women. The creatively designed jewelry is sometimes serious, sometimes romantic, a bit whimsical and always captivating. Although anyone is welcome to shop at their site, the focus of Love and Prides offerings are directed towards the gay and lesbian community. 

The collective effort of a talented group of entrepreneurs and artisans, Love and Pride is worldwide venture launched to celebrate the transformative powers of passion, action and creativity. A premier retailer for high-end designer merchandise for  gay, lesbian and transgender men and women, Love and Pride presents an extensive product line of jewelry, grooming aids, beauty products and decor items. Categories include:

When you wear the distinctive and elegant jewelry and rings from Love and Pride you are making a statement of commitment to Love and Pride mission statement of company values including:

Equality: "Love and Pride believes every human being is entitled to equal rights. When you wear Love and Pride, you take a stand for equality." Diversity: "Love and Pride celebrates the rich diversity of all human beings. When you wear Love and Pride, you join the celebration." Tolerance: "Love and Pride promotes tolerance and respect for all people regardless of our differences.When you wear Love and Pride, you help share the message." 
Love and Pride: What makes it different?
  • Proceeds Go To Charity
  • Lesbian & Gay Resource Center
  • International Shopping
  • Free Shipping
  • Intrest Free Financing

Proceeds from the sale of merchandise at the Love and Pride website are donated to organizations promoting equality, peace and love. Love and Pride is an great informational source of information on the gay and lesbian community. The site provides links to information about gay marriage laws, gay adoption and upcoming changes in local and federal laws. Love and Pride offers international shopping and provides a currency converter to assist shoppers. Love and Pride offers free shipping on all merchandise and interest free financing on major jewelry purchases. 

Love and Pride vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Love and Pride)

Always Proud and Rainbow Depot are gay and lesbian owned businesses that offers candles, cards, costume jewelry, gifts and novelties. Although all their merchandise is orientated to the gay and lesbian community they do not have the extensive line of quality jewelry items, clothing and home decor items presented by Love and Pride.

Over The Rainbow also offers more novelty than quality. If you want to make a bold announcement to the world of your sexual preferences, rainbow ties, pins, bumper stickers and t-shirts announcing your sexual orientation are top sellers at Over The Rainbow. They do not favorably compare to Love and Pride for quality or value. 

Love and Pride: Pricing & packages

A review of online e-commerce stores offering quality jewelry, reflects that Love and Pride offers fair and competitive pricing. Novelty items such as cards and candles are comparably priced with other online stores that promote gay and lesbian focused novelty merchandise. Prices for lingerie, swimsuits, shoes and high fashion apparel are comparable with other online e-commerce sites offering similar premium quality apparel. 

Love and Pride jewelry items, range in price from $30 to $5,000. All jewelry designs are original and can not be found at other competitors. Love and Pride offers an attractive affiliate program, offering an attractive 16 to 20 per cent commission on all sales generated from referral blogs, websites or social media. 

Love and Pride: Product images & screenshots
Love and Pride Coupons
Get 20% Off Entire Rainbow Pride Collection @ Love and Pride (expires 12 months)
Get Less Than $80 Per Accessory @ Love and Pride (expires 36 months)
Get 10-20% Off On The High End Love And Honor Rings Collection @ Love and Pride (expires 21 months)
Get 10% Off Any Order @ Love and Pride
Get 20% Off @ Love and Pride
Love and Pride: Customer reviews & comments

Love and Pride is a favorite shopping destination for the gay community. Reviews are universally positive.

"Love and Pride is a high end online jewelry store that everyone in the world can shop at, it’s not like it carries nothing but jewelry emblazoned in gay symbols. Not a chance, it is just that many of the pieces are designed with gays and lesbians in mind and for that matter many are designed by the gay and lesbian community.

One of the things I like best–and another reason I was so excited to write the review — about the site is that you can search by price range. I don’t know about you but when I see something I really like it is hard to settle for anything more affordable no matter what. This way you only have to see what you know you can afford. Nice.

This leads me to the thing I dislike about the site the most, actually the only thing I dislike about the site, and that is the fact that you cannot search by item. I hate having to say anyting negative in this other wise glowing review but this is important. For example there is no place to type in blue topaz ring. You would have to go through alllllll of the rings that the Love and Pride jewelry store has and that would take a very long time."  Pride Jewelry

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Comments (4)

Nice review...voted

Interesting info on Love and Pride. Please add me as your friend.

I had a terrible experience at Love and Pride. They sent me the wrong order and REFUSED to fix it. I was devastated. The customer service representative was appalling unsympathetic and basically told me to deal with it. The company does not respond to their emails and they do not answer their telephone calls. I decided to forgo the customer service number and instead call the “place order” phone number Surprise, surprise! Someone picks up that line and they no doubt had dollar signs in their eyes! I demanded that they fix my problem or I would file for mail fraud and charity fraud. I was treated a “little” bit nicer after that, but still I had to *schedule* a later conversation with them.

I still don’t understand what their problem was. That website is dang expensive. If I’m paying hundreds of dollars on merchandise, I want what I ordered. All we had to do was either make an exchange or offer a refund. I am appalled by their behavior. One of the customer service representatives was very insulting. Remember, just because this place is called “Love and Pride” doesn’t mean that they don’t hire homophobic workers once and a while. This treatment went on for nearly 2 weeks. After this ordeal, I will NEVER buy from Love and Pride again. There are little reviews for this company, but they have a merchant account on Amazon. Look at those reviews. This company cares nothing for their customers.

My problem was eventually fixed, but they never even uttered an apology. Quality-wise, their pieces are 50/50. You’re either going to get something beautiful or something that looks like tin. You take your chances, but not me. I said goodbye to this company long ago.

Love and Pride is a scam company with an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Don't give them your money.
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Get 20% Off Entire Rainbow Pride Collection @ Love and Pride (expires in 12 months)
Get Less Than $80 Per Accessory @ Love and Pride (expires in 36 months)
Get 10-20% Off On The High End Love And Honor Rings Collection @ Love and Pride (expires in 21 months)
Get 10% Off Any Order @ Love and Pride
Get 20% Off @ Love and Pride